Find Beautiful False Lashes For Less $$$

Hello beauty lovers!

Today I am going to share a beauty secret of mine to getting long lashes for a great price! You don’t need to spend $20 on the falsies at Sephora, put on a pound of mascara, or spend hundreds on lash extensions! A great place to get high end false lashes for a better deal is T.J MAXX! You can spend anywhere from $1-$3 depending on the lash brand, which cost you a fraction of the original price!

However, you do have to do a bit of searching, they are not always in stock. Though when they are I do recommend stocking up on as much as you can. I’m not someone who wears false lashes often at all, but for a special occasion or Halloween costume I always like to keep a pair or two in my makeup collection.

My go to brand at T.J MAXX is The Vintage Cosmetic Company. I have tried several of their lashes and I’m always impressed with the quality for the price. They are soft, flexible, and apply easily. They also hold all day! My favorite thing about this brand that keeps me coming back is how BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE their lash styles are! I have come across so many styles I have not seen before in other lash brands. The one I have pictured is my favorite I have found so far and the name of the lashes are Betty. They are bold, dramatic, but sultry & sweet at the same time. These lashes only cost me $1 and have been my favorite lashes I have ever used, even compared to brands that cost $8 at Ulta and brands that cost $21 at Sephora. You cannot beat this quality and price!

Hope  this helps anyone who is wanting false lashes for a cheap price!


Pretty But Poisonous


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