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I was fortunate and got through my middle school and high school years with hardly any acne. However, this has not been the case in my college years. I have rarely had a fully clear face over the past 4 years and have tried everything you can imagine to try to help it. From drug store brands to high end brands, from chemical based products to all natural products, nothing has been a saving grace for me. A few products began to clear up the acne that was already on my skin, but did not stop future break outs. It was a never ending cycle.

After trying many products and even home remedies, I finally realized there was one thing I have never tried; acne medication. I did a little research and thought this could be my solution. But there was one problem: A Dermatologist appointment is expensive and so is the medication they provide! Although I would do anything and pay anything for clear skin, I did not have the money at the time. I decided I would put money back until I had enough to go to a Dermatologist and give medication a try.


Luckily, soon after I found an ad for a newer company called Curology. It’s an online based company, you sign up with your email, answer a few questions about your skin, send in 3 photos of your skin, and you are provided a dermatologists that will work with you to help clear your skin and prescribe you a unique medication. The amazing thing is the price. Your first month is FREE! And you only have to pay for shipping – $4.95. After the first month, you have three choices.

  1. Get the monthly prescription sent to your doorstep once a month for $19.95 (and $4.95 shipping) 
  2. Get the prescription sent to you every other month for $39.90 (FREE SHIPPING)
  3. Cancel your membership if you feel Curology is not for you! No hidden fees!

The amazing thing about this company is it is virtually the exact same as going to the dermatologist physically – for a much cheaper price. You can communicate with your dermatologist, send them photos of your skin, and give them feedback if what they prescribed is working or not. If it is not working, they will change the formula for you! If you have tried a couple things and your dermatologist thinks you need a different medicine that Curology does not have (such as Acutane) they will recommend you to it! This is reassuring because it means they are truly there to help your skin and not only their company.

As of right now, I am on my second bottle that was prescribed to me. After a few uses, the texture of my skin completely changed. I felt less bumps and my skin felt more hydrated. After over a month, my skin has began to clear up and my acne scars have began to lighten or go away completely! So far, I’m happy with what the medication is doing and I hope in a few months I’ll have happy, clear skin. 

If you are interested in my prescription ingredients, here it is:

0.25% ZINC PYRITHIONE – A zinc based antimicrobial that fights acne via it’s antibacterial and anti fungal effects.

1% CLINDAMYCIN – Antibiotic and anti inflammatory with powerful effects against acne causing bacteria. 

4% NIACINAMIDE – A vitamin B-3 derived antioxidant that fights acne, hyper pigmentation, and inflammation. 


I hope this helps you begin your journey to clear skin! If you have any other questions about this product or company please ask and I’ll respond! 


Pretty But Poisonous 


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