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So, 5 days ago I signed up for Influenster and I have already been added to the list for TWO boxes! IN JUST 5 DAYS. Many people are having problems getting on the list for boxes and it has taken them months to do so. Since I have had a lot of success, I’m going to share what I’ve been doing with you al!

First, sign up! (Use my referral code to get bonus points!)

Fill out your profile as honest and detailed as possible. Answer questions about your skin, health, hair, ect. Fill out your whole profile – this helps Influenster know what kind of products they can send you!

Connect ALL of your social media! The more Social Media Influence points you have, the better chance you have to get a box! Even add a widget to your WordPress! Also, work on gaining more followers for your social media accounts! This will  help.

Complete as many snaps as possible/ REVIEW PRODUCTS. Snaps are categories that you can review (makeup, skincare, food & beverage, ect) Once you completed a snap group, it’ll say “You have completed this snap!” and it will disappear from your snap list. This will help you get a box very quick. I have created at least 1 whole snap group per day so far.

DOWNLOAD THE APP! You can use your actual computer to finish snaps and write reviews, but make sure you download the app! You can do so much more on it and it is nearly impossible to get a box without doing this.

Ask and answer questions on the discussion board. This is something only the app lets you do, you cannot do it on your computer. Answering questions on the discussion board will unlock badges quicker than anything. I unlocked 12 badges in about 3 hours from asking & answering questions on the discussion board.

Refer friends! Tell your friends about it and post a link on social media, this will give you more points!

Stay active! Keep reviewing & answering questions. Don’t give up! Even if you don’t have much time in your day, find a half hour a day and you can surely unlock a badge within that time.


  1. Scantastic Badge – Earn this badge by reviewing only 1 product – scan it in with the barcode first before reviewing!
  2.  Paparazzi Badge – Upload a photo into a discussion board answer!
  3.  Likable Badge – Answer a few questions on the discussion board. Once a few people like them you will earn this badge.
  4.  Curious Cat Badge– Ask a question on the discussion board!
  5.  Know It All Badge – Answer a few different questions on the discussion board!
  6.  List Maker Badge – Make one list!

These are the badges you can get SUPER easy! So you can get all of these 6 in less than an hour!

As I said before, this is my 5th day using Influenster. I already have 15 badges and been offered two boxes! You can do this too! I have been super active – I wrote 74 reviews and have had 259 discussions. This didn’t take too long either. I have spent 1-3 hours a day doing this. It takes some time but it is easy work! I hope this helps everyone get a free box! Good luck!

Once again, if you haven’t signed up, sign up here:


Pretty But Poisonous 



Add yours

    1. Hello love, great question! Here is step by step how to get on the discussion board. It’s kind of hidden!
      1. Open the app and click the home button on the bottom left side.
      2. Scroll down past the photos & articles of products until you see a text break that says “COMMUNITY Q&A”
      3. Click on one of the questions and type in the box that say “answer this question.”
      4. If you want to ask a question instead -Hit the plus button in the middle of the navigation bar (where you found the home bar) and hit the green ask button!
      That’s all! I hope this helps! Let me know if you found it!

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