GET FREE SKINCARE | L’Oreal Sugar Scrub Review

Hello my Pretties!

The holidays have been keeping me super busy, so sorry for not being active on here! However, I wanted to share with you on how I get free skincare!

If you have been following me for awhile, you may have heard about me talk about getting other free things such as makeup & food, but I also get free skincare from the same place! It’s an App/Website called Influenster! I’m not going to go into detail about it on this post, but if you want to learn how to get free skincare in about a week, read this post!  All you have to do is review products you have used before, then you’ll receive similar products for free in exchange for your honest review! Sign up for Influenster here! 

This month, Influenster sent me a box with the L’Oreal Kiwi Sugar Scrub. When opening the package, I got a more high end feel from it than I ever have before with L’Oreal products. I feel like the past year they have really been steeping up their game, especially for skin care. The jar was made of glass and it felt pretty heavy. When I opened the jar, I was pleased with the smell. It was fruity but refreshing. It was not overwhelming however.

The consistency of the formula is gel like, it feels silky on the skin. It also has little kiwi seeds in it as well as sugar, so it provides gentle yet effective exfoliation. The sugar melts into your skin, it does not make it red or irritated at all on my sensitive skin, as some scrubs have done in the past. I have been using it for about a month now and have not had any extra break outs or redness in my skin. It actually has brightened up my skin a bit and made it super soft. I feel it also deeply cleanses my pores which helps prevent break outs. Overall, my skin feels great after using this! I give it 4/5 stars. I will be using this again and even want to purchase others! Good job L’Oreal and thank you Influenster!


Pretty But Poisonous 


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